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Gynecological problems & women health issues
Acupuncture is proven to be useful in a wide variety of problems specific to women such as
irregular menstruation, painful periods, lack of periods, PCOS, pre-menstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, recurrent cystitis; combining acupuncture with herbal medicine or homeopathy is even more effective for these condition

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acupuncture pain clinic
acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy
Wellness clinic: I treat a lot of people to maintain them in good health, making sure that their energy level is good, and that they have a strong immune system; treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy are very effective in alleviating stress, anxiety, mild depression, insomnia and many other stress related conditions such as hypertension.
I give also advice on diet, and stress management. People with stress related conditions such as anxiety, or IBS benefit tremendously from just a few treatments in a year

Pain Clinic:

I run walk-in pain management clinic Monday to Friday.
I use
traditional acupuncture and electro-acupuncture for rapid pain relief in a wide range of chronic or acute painful conditions including: Back and neck pain, severe lower back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, muscle spasm, tendinitis, tennis elbow,repetitive strain injury, Plantar fasciitis, sport Injuries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy,
migraine, headache, PMS, menstrual pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, chronic sinusitis,and many other painful conditions.

Acupuncture skin clinic
I treat eczema and other skin problems in adults and children using
Chinese herbs, acupuncture and Homeopathy, often in combination; this allow me to get good results with mild treatment.
I prefer to use homeopathy for babies and young children, and often combine
Chinese herbs and acupuncture for adults.
Not all skin conditions can be cured, but it is often possible to minimise the condition or force it into remission; many types of eczema, skin rashes and inflammations respond quickly to treatment.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
is one of the oldest and most mysterious form of health care, the first book on this subject is about 2500 years old, and there are indications that the Chinese were already using a crude form of TCM 4000 years ago.
Today, this medical system is widely used in China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and all around Asia; in China alone there are 2500 hospitals specialising in TCM. This complex medical system is taught in 30 Chinese universities, to thousands of students from 120 different countries.