Egg donation IVF is sometimes necessary for women with poor egg reserve, many of them go to Barcelona, where an excellent clinic with english speaking staff can be found.

    Acupuncture is an important support, before, during and after IVF, as with standard IVF, and a treatment on the day of transfer recommended.
    below you will find some links to the best clinic for egg donation in Barcelona.
    Instituto Marques egg donation
    IVF clinics in Barcelona

    Most renowned IVF Clinic In Barcelona
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    Institut Marquès is an integrated center with a well-established, internationally recognized reputation in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Assisted Reproduction. It was founded in Barcelona more than 90 years ago and has the accreditation granted by the Spanish Healthcare Authority to perform all Assisted Reproduction techniques allowed by the current legislation. Every year, hundreds of patients come to our Center from abroad hoping to achieve a pregnancy, mainly through In Vitro Fertilisation with Egg and/or Semen Donation. The majority of these patients come from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Canada, South America, China and Arabian countries who are attracted by the high pregnancy rates and high quality of care offered at our Center. The results obtained at Institute Marquès are only comparable to those obtained at top IVF centers in the US and Europe, but at a more competitive price and with a lower multiple pregnancy rate .These results correspond to the official registry of Catalonia or FIV-CAT.
    The increasing demand from foreign couples has led us to develop a strong international programme which currently positions Institut Marquès as one of the top IVF clinics worldwide. The strength of our international programme, in addition to the high quality of care and excellent IVF results, relies on the fact that Spain has one of the most advanced assisted reproduction legislation in Europe. The recent legislation approved by the Spanish Parliament in May 2006 no longer limits the number of oocytes to be inseminated and allows for egg and semen donation in all women who may wish to do so, regardless of marital status and sexual orientation. Unlike other countries in Europe, egg and semen donation in Spain is anonymous and, therefore, the identity of the donor can never be revealed.

    Acupuncture skin clinic
    I treat eczema and other skin problems in adults and children using
    Chinese herbs, acupuncture and Homeopathy, often in combination; this allow me to get good results with mild treatment.
    I prefer to use homeopathy for babies and young children, and often combine
    Chinese herbs and acupuncture for adults.
    Not all skin conditions can be cured, but it is often possible to minimise the condition or force it into remission; many types of eczema, skin rashes and inflammations respond quickly to treatment.

    Pj Cousin is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council and of the Unified Register of herbal Practitioners

    Acupuncture at Kensington Therapy Centre
    211-213 Kensington  High Street London W8 6BD

    Tel: 020 7376 1199

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    Appointment available Thursdays only

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    Professional Standard authority

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    is one of the oldest and most mysterious form of health care, the first book on this subject is about 2500 years old, and there are indications that the Chinese were already using a crude form of TCM 4000 years ago.
    Today, this medical system is widely used in China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and all around Asia; in China alone there are 2500 hospitals specialising in TCM. This complex medical system is taught in 30 Chinese universities, to thousands of students from 120 different countries.

    Acupuncture at Cure By Nature
    95 Replingham Road
    London SW18 5LU

    tel: 020 88751101

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    Appointment available Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays